Urgent registration of a company

Registration services

Urgent registration of a new company is necessary in various cases, when an agreement was reached between the partners on the introduction of a new business project. The situation does not suffer procrastination. It is necessary urgently and correctly to formalize the future enterprise, to be defined with a share of each and principles of distribution of the income in the future.

The participation of the law firm «Emergency Legal Aid 911» in the process of registration / re-registration of both a company and a public organization will help not only to save time, but, more importantly, to obtain a legally clean package of documents.

Registration of LLC

The majority of registered organizations with a profiling economic activity are limited liability companies (LLCs), the founder of which has the right to be both a legal entity and an individual.

The lawyers of our firm, armed with perfect knowledge, based on a rich successful experience in registration issues LLC provide a full range of legal services, flawlessly and competently fulfilling any wish of the client. First of all, the lawyer will give an exhaustive consultation on any issue.

In addition, the specialist will provide a service for preparing a package of constituent documents of impeccable quality, saving you from bureaucratic red tape. One of the most important services of our lawyer is state registration.

Our law firm will not refuse to accompany or take responsibility for the implementation of such procedures as: registration of LLCs in funds, obtaining certificates of statistics. Our lawyer will put your organization on record in the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies (IMNS), open a settlement account with the concomitant notification of IMNS. And, finally, help to comply with all the rules when making prints.

Registration of non-profit organizations

In spite of the fact that profit is not the goal of organizations of this type, their activities in the field of medicine, charity, and cultural and social programs are also subject to registration as a legal entity in accordance with all established rules. This — the opening of a settlement account, as well as accounting in all government agencies. Thus, legal services for similar organizations are identical to LLC.

Registration of changes OOO, ZAO, OAO

As a rule, almost all changes (address, leadership, charter, charter capital, etc.) require replacement of documents containing outdated information. While there is no need to re-register the organization, efforts to legalize changes and design new documents can not be avoided. And in this case our lawyer is ready to provide all-round assistance.

Registration of CJSC, JSC

Closed / Open Joint Stock Company, whose capital by the issue of securities in the form of shares is fragmented between a limited / unrestricted circle of persons has a complex structure. However, the registration process is standard. Thus, our company will also serve such clients.

Accreditation of foreign representation

The process of accreditation of a foreign office is distinguished by the registration of a domestic firm and authorized by it to deal with it. The Accreditation Department of the State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Justice, with the maintenance of a complete register of branches of foreign companies in Ukraine. Lawyers of our firm advise on all issues of accreditation, and are also ready to conduct the procedure independently.

Registration of the reorganization of enterprises

Transformation, merger, division, affiliation, allotment — all these are types of reorganization of enterprises. In each case, it is necessary not only to legalize the reorganization, but also to issue a new package of documents.

Of course, a lawyer can give advice. However, each specific process has its own specifics, to understand which, and even more so to translate knowledge into practice is too troublesome. The main drawback is that there is no guarantee of legal purity of results, which should not be allowed.

Address to us «Emergency legal aid 911»: after all, competent lawyers of our firm always work qualitatively and shortest terms.

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