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All-Ukrainian independent public competition «Advocate of the Year — 2018»

The Association of Advocates of Ukraine announces the launch of the All-Ukrainian Independent Public Competition «The Advocate of the Year — 2018», which this year will increase the scale and introduce new rules for holding.

The competition starts on May 15 and consists of 3 stages:

— Submission of questionnaires by nominees from May 15 to August 15
— on-line voting from September 1 to September 20
— Solemn awarding after approval of the results of on-line voting and determination of the finalists — on October 5.

Information about the finalists will be published in the magazine «Public People» (general information partner) and in a special issue of the Bulletin of the AAU, dedicated to the Competition «Advocate of the Year».

The competition commission chooses 5 finalists in each of the proposed 21 practices:

— criminal law;
— civil law;
— family law;
— financial and banking law;
— tax law;
— agrarian and land law;
— medical and pharmaceutical law;
— corporate law;
— economic (commercial) law,
— international arbitration;
— international commercial law,
— mergers and acquisitions;
— antitrust and competition law;
— IT right,
— Foreign investment;
— anti-raider practice;
— customs law;
— Intellectual property rights;
— labor law;
— media right;
— maritime and transport law.

Also this year, for the first time, we award participants who are not lawyers in the following categories:

  • The best politician-lawyer;
  • The best in-house lawyer;
  • The best journalist writing on legal topics;
  • The best legal TV program;
  • Advocate-scientist;
  • Lawyer-public figure;
  • A lawyer is a legislator.

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