Tax disputes

Settlement of tax disputes

Illegitimate actions of tax authorities can paralyze the activities of the company, delay here is impossible. After all, arresting an account and imposing sanctions can contribute to irreversible processes concerning further failure of the enterprise.

Each taxpayer has the right, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, to appeal against unlawful acts of the FSU and settle tax disputes.

Legislative base is constantly undergoing certain changes. The existing laws are amended, some items and articles lose their legal force, replaced by others. In most cases, tax disputes occur due to different reading of some rules by taxpayers and representatives of financial services.

The help of professional lawyers in the area of ​​tax disputes is for legal entities and individuals who do not know how to independently complain about illegal actions of officials.

A party in whose favor a court decision was made has the right to demand reimbursement of legal expenses from the party, the tax dispute has been lost.

Specialist «Emergency Legal Aid 911» will assist you in resolving tax disputes of the most complex degree.

We will help you to resolve in your favor matters related to the following issues:

— Penalties imposed on the results of the inspection;

— unlawful cancellation of financial transactions;

— write-off from the account of the organization / private person to the tax account the amount exceeding the norm;

— rejection of VAT refund requests.

The cost of services in resolving tax disputes in our company determines the complexity of the current situation, as well as the nature and amount of additional work.

You will need the following documents from you:

— requirements for payment of taxes in writing;

— accounting documentation (tax and accounting);

— acts of last inspection;

— Appeal requirements for the act of verification;

— the decision of the Federal Tax Service;

— the decision of the tax appellate service;

— power of attorney, which gives our lawyers the right to represent your interests in court.


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The cost of settling tax disputes

The cost of legal advice on tax disputes from the firm’s specialists:

  • Legal consultation (in writing) from a tax disputes specialist from 2000
  • Legal consultation (in writing) from a specialist in tax disputes of a special complexity of 4 000
  • Legal examination of documents provided by the Customer from 2000

The cost of a lawyer’s services: analysis of disputes about taxes in court:

  • Judicial prospect of tax disputes (legal analysis, if there is no agreement to provide in court the interests of the client) from 2000
  • Representation of the Customer’s interests in the Arbitration Court in cases on tax disputes from 15 000 + (from 2 to 10% of the fee is paid after the decision on the case has been made
  • Representation of the Customer in the Arbitration Court in tax disputes (appellate and cassation instances) from 15 000

Pre-trial settlement services:

  • Objection to the Act of Tax Authorities — Preparation by a lawyer of a firm from 2,000

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