Purchase and sale of apartments

Contract of sale of an apartment

The purchase of real estate (whether it is a private home ownership, an apartment of a primary or secondary market or a share in them) is by far the main way to purchase housing.

This action must be accompanied only by the signing of the contract of sale.

If we are talking about the registration of transactions, the result of which is the change of the owner of the dwelling, it is extremely important that it is legally competent.

This reduces to a minimum the risk of negative for both the buyer and the seller, the consequences, the most serious of which is the cancellation of the transaction and its recognition as invalid.

Given all this, we can conclude that the best option is to accompany the transaction by a competent lawyer. Firstly, it will make a contract of sale and purchase corresponding to all legislative norms; Secondly, it controls compliance with the procedure for transfer of ownership and registration of the transaction; thirdly, act as an intermediary when the buyer transfers funds to pay the property for the seller; Fourthly, it will check the so-called legal purity of the transaction.

The lawyers of the company «Emergency Legal Aid 911» provide a full range of services in the field of legal support for real estate purchase and sale transactions.

Depending on the specific situation and the client’s wishes, we carry out:

— Multifaceted advice on all issues of sale and purchase of housing;

— analysis of the purity of the transaction (the study of legal documents with the establishment of the authenticity of the latter, as well as their investigation for compliance with federal rules and regulations);

— collection of a full package of documents (extracts and certificates, etc.);

— the formation of a contract of sale and purchase, as well as the preparation and execution of the Act of transfer of real property;

— the whole range of actions for the formulation of the purchase of housing sales (sending the required documentation to the tax, monitoring the process of registration of ownership and contract);

— Obtaining the necessary documents upon termination of registration.

Specialists of Emergency Legal Aid 911 also provide assistance in resolving issues related to taxation:

— providing information on the tax rates charged and depending on the term of tenure, and explaining it;

— formation of a tax return;

— collection, compilation and forwarding of a package of documents for property deductions for taxes on income from the sale of housing.

Do not underestimate the legal process, such as the purchase and sale of housing. He has a lot of pitfalls, only a lawyer with sufficient experience can recognize and circumvent. By enlisting the support of our company’s specialists, you (and as a seller and as a buyer) will be able to go through all stages of the transaction without problems.

Support of the transaction by our lawyers is a guarantee of careful analysis of documentation and procedures, and accordingly protection against legal risks and financial losses.

We also guarantee the execution of the transaction legally competently, in accordance with all applicable legal norms. To agree on a preliminary consultation in the «Emergency Legal Aid 911».

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