Legal support of business

Legal support of business

If you occasionally have to apply for business to lawyers, and hiring a full-time lawyer is unprofitable, it makes sense to think about the so-called legal support for business.

The company «Emergency Legal Aid 911» offers you a permanent legal support of transactions, implying comprehensive assistance in the field of legal services.

In subscriber legal services (in other words, business support) includes:

— constant consulting by a lawyer on all matters concerning the activities of the enterprise;

— competent compilation of documents of any complexity and any purpose;

— Solving tax and other disputes in the pre-trial order;

— Negotiating and representing the interests of your organization / enterprise;

— representation of the organization’s interests in various organizations (municipal and state, law enforcement agencies, commercial structures, etc.);

— Documentary and legal support of commercial projects;

— audit of the organization / enterprise workflows, with the aim of identifying unprotected elements, as well as recommendations for their elimination;

— analysis of internal document circulation from a legal point of view;

— drawing up of internal normative acts;

— control of external document circulation when interacting with counterparties, as well as in case of disputes;

— legal advice in the field of taxation, as well as tax optimization and planning;

— establishing the legitimacy of the organization’s actions as a taxpayer.

Subscriber legal service from the company «Emergency Legal Aid 911» means saving your money and real protection against illegal actions.

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