Lawyer for debt collection

Lawyer for debt collection

It is not uncommon for the debtor not to fulfill the obligations assumed by malicious intent or as a result of force majeure circumstances.

For the return, as the amount of debt can not do without the help of professional lawyers, qualification, experience and thorough knowledge of the legislative norms of which will ensure the prompt return of lost amounts.

The collection of debts from individuals forcibly provides for the following procedure.

  1. As a result of consideration of the case on recovery of a debt from an individual, the court issues a writ of execution, which is the basis for the enforcement of the debt.
  2. The next stage of the procedure is negotiations aimed at persuading the debtor to return the required amount and thus to resolve the case in a pre-trial order. Otherwise, the next step in the procedure is to write off the debtor’s settlement accounts in the amount of the debt.
  1. The last step is the property assessment of the debtor in favor of the required amount, which is carried out by bailiffs.

The company «Emergency Legal Aid 911», among others, renders legal services to collect debts from individuals. We offer comprehensive assistance at all stages of the proceedings from negotiating with the debtor to monitoring the enforcement of the court decision, including representing the interests of the creditor in court.

Our lawyers, thanks to thorough analysis of a specific situation, will be able to choose the optimal strategic line. This, combined with non-standard solutions, provides a quick result — debt repayment. We guarantee the legality and full compliance of our actions with the current legislation.

Documents required by the creditor

To successfully resolve the debt disputes from the lender will not need an extensive package of documents. Our specialists strive to simplify the procedure for the client, protecting him from collecting a large number of accompanying documents. All that is needed from you: a contract concluded with a natural person or a promissory note (receipt for receipt of funds).

Methods of debt collection

Specialists of the «Emergency Legal Aid 911» on a particular situation can choose different ways of refund. The main ways of collecting debt can be attributed:

— pre-judicial recovery of a debt from an individual;

— return of funds by the spouse;

— withholding of incomes (wages, fees, pensions, scholarships and other) received by the debtor in order to repay the debt;

— debt recovery by heirs.


Collecting debts from individuals can not be called a simple process. Here, influencing the course of the case, can become a variety of factors, such as the social status of the debtor and his financial situation, other subjective factors. For these reasons, we are not in a position to guarantee a 100% positive result.

According to our statistics, the requirements of 96% of creditors are satisfied successfully. What are these figures talking about? Our company can guarantee a responsible approach, thorough analysis of your specific situation. The purpose of the work to recover debts is a quick and full refund.

Legal recovery of debts from legal entities

The judicial recourse is resorted if the legal entity does not perform the payment of the required amount of money or performs, but not fully or untimely. At the same time, when applying to the judicial authorities, the creditor requires the legal entity to compensate for the costs of legal aid and legal expenses in addition to paying off the interest due both for non-payment and for the principal debt.

Stages of Debt Settlement

The vast experience in handling debt recovery cases accumulated by the specialists of our company allows us to provide the client with a guarantee for full reimbursement of the debtor within a short time.

Such a guarantee is based on a scrupulous study of the case in all its aspects, which determines the actions of the first stage of the settlement.

As a result of careful collection of information about the debtor’s ownership of real estate, transport, cash, and studying and analyzing both the previous credit history and the nature of the work, an exhaustive financial assessment of the debtor’s condition is formed.

The information collected contributes to the formation of a realistic assessment of the prospects for the resolution of the case and the possibility of pre-trial resolution, which is the most favorable of the two existing methods for settling the dispute.

It should be taken into account that an independent appeal to a court is fraught with mistakes and complications, the source of which can be both the illiterate behavior of the victim and possible fraud on the part of the debtor. Only professional tactics of doing business by our lawyers in cooperation with law enforcement agencies are a pledge both for preventing illegal actions and for delaying the process by the debtor.

The next stage of the settlement of the case begins with the formation by the debt recovery lawyer of the statement of claim containing the demand for seizure of the debtor’s financial means equivalent to the amount of unpaid debt. Then comes the judicial action to collect debts.

Debt collection services

The seizure of the debtor’s property, as well as the obligation not to leave the country — measures taken with the onset of execution of the court decision. Direct repayment of debts is assigned to the bailiff service.

The accumulated experience, high qualification and individual approach to each case of lawyers of our company will allow to find the best opportunity to prevent dishonest execution of debt obligations and settle the dispute as soon as possible.

Our lawyers provide the following services:

  • Participates in the collection of information about the debtor, including information on the property to be seized, to realize the possibility of debt recovery and negotiation of the parties, as well as pre-judicial recovery of debts from UAH 2,000.
  • Represents the interests of trustees in cases on recovery of debts from legal entities and citizens. From 5000 UAH.
  • Maintenance of the enforcement proceedings in connection with foreclosure on the property of the debtor From 5000 UAH.

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