Immediate collection of alimony

Representation of interests in recovery of alimony

Jurisprudence in the term «alimony» puts the concept of money received by a disabled family member from the income of a relative or relatives for its maintenance.

As a rule, alimony is collected for the purpose of financial support for children.

However, the law recognizes the right to collect alimony from adult children in favor of disabled parents, from one of the spouses to another (disabled or engaged in caring for a minor child).

The grounds for collection, collection and payment of alimony are determined by the Family Code of Ukraine.

The law provides for the following procedures of the procedure: voluntary, judicial.

In case of a voluntary order in accordance with the consent of the parties, payments are made without compulsion.

The court procedure for the recovery of alimony requires the court’s decision on compulsory deduction of money for maintenance.

The conditions for the collection of alimony are limited to the following cases:

— after the divorce;

— married;

— Relationships are not fixed by marriage, but the father’s birth certificate is indicated in the birth certificate of the child.

The sums of the alimony collected under the decision of court, are added in the form:

— a certain percentage of the defendant’s official income;

— a fixed amount of payment.

The practice of collecting alimony

Legal company «Emergency Legal Aid 911» renders, in addition to consulting support, professional support of cases on recovery of alimony, relying on the successful practice of solving identical cases. Participation in court disputes adversely affects the mental state of the plaintiff.

To prevent moral damage will help the legal service of representing the interests of the principal in the litigation.

Comprehensive customer service in the recovery of alimony in the judicial system consists of the following services:

— Consultations that fully provide information on rights and obligations, rules and conditions, the amounts and methods of obtaining maintenance, the existing specifics of collection;

— participation in drafting and filing a statement of claim;

— control over the observance of the legality of the foreclosure procedure in the courts;

— receipt, both court decisions, and writ of execution.

In addition, the client can get help and assistance in searching for the «alimony» evader from the duties assigned to him.

Benefit from the participation of a professional lawyer in such a painful and troublesome procedure can not be overemphasized, given also a guaranteed solution in favor of the plaintiff.

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