Division of property

Emergency assistance in the division of property

To the division of property, the spouses resort, as a rule, after the dissolution of the marriage. Such section is authorized to initiate also one of the spouses in the process of cohabitation.

The procedure for the division refers to the most complex category of family law.

Ukrainian legislation recognizes the joint property acquired during the marriage.

A lawyer can provide advice on the division of spouses’ property.

If the marriage was accompanied by the conclusion of a marriage contract, then when the property is divided, the priority of the recognition of property is the contract.

The contract can establish the status of any property: securities; objects of real estate; income received from sources of any form of property, including intellectual property; vehicles; any things that the family owns.

Employees with the legal education of the firm «Emergency Legal Aid 911» (Phone: 066-911-06-40, 068-911-06-40, 063-911-06-40) have accumulated rich experience in the field of family law and, in particular , in the conduct of property division.

The process of division with the participation of our lawyers is carried out with the utmost attention to the interests of the parties, minimizing the psychological burden on customers, qualitatively and in a short time.

A lawyer can provide both individual services of choice, and accompany the procedure from beginning to end in a complete complex, which consists of:

— Negotiating on behalf of the client (principal);

— preparation of an agreement on the division of property;

— control over the observance of the interests of the client through intermediation in the procedure for the division of property;

— preparation of the claim, as well as a statement of claim in court with insuperable disagreement of the parties;

— participation in court sessions;

— participation in the enforcement proceedings on the basis of a court decision.

The marriage contract of the spouses

Recently, the concept of a marriage contract — a contract — entered our everyday life. On the basis of a bilateral agreement between the brothers who marry, or in an active marital union, or during the dissolution of marriage, a document certifying the existence and legality of the contract is drawn up. The notarized written form of the contract regulates the property rights and obligations of the parties.


From the fact how legally correctly and correctly the marriage contract is made, the measure of observance of interests of spouses depends. Participation of a lawyer in drafting the agreement will help to fully and correctly reflect the moments that conceal potential conflicts of the parties and is a guarantee not only of the formal correctness of the contract, but also the absence of property collisions in the future.

The list of services for the conclusion and execution of a marriage contract by our lawyers includes:

— drafting a text that unequivocally articulates the criteria for distinguishing between joint and personal property, as well as the conditions for its operation;

— Adjustment of the marriage contract;

— negotiating the termination of the contract;

— opening a procedure for invalidating a marriage contract;

— representation of the interests of the principal in a judicial dispute;

— Receiving a court decision.