Disputes from Lease Relationships

Disputes from Lease Relationships

We are often contacted by clients in the event of their urgent eviction of their home, violation of the inviolability of the home and attempts to infiltrate their apartment or house of strangers.

Such situations entail a gross violation of the human right to the inviolability of the home.

Lease is a two-way relationship in which one party — the owner of the real estate object (the lessor) transfers it for temporary use to the other party to an individual or legal entity (lessee).

In rent are handed over: buildings of inhabited, uninhabited, industrial appointment; office, warehousing, commercial and other premises, land plots of agricultural, cultural and other purposes; monuments of culture, history; equipment.

The subject of the lease can practically be any property in accordance with the agreements reached by the parties.

The lessor, as well as the lessee, can be both legal entities and individuals.

At the time of entering into a contract that certifies the conditions for the transfer of property for temporary use, a legal transaction is recognized as lawful.

A competently drawn up lease agreement minimizes the risks, both financial and legal, of each party, and also takes into account the interests of the parties as much as possible.

«Emergency legal aid 911» offers services related to rental transactions.

Our lawyers will provide professional support with a high level of quality in the conclusion and execution of any transactions related to the lease and lease of any property.

The services provided by our lawyers include:

— consulting support during the entire process: from the preparation of the transaction to participation in legal proceedings, if any;

— examination of documents for property, in the first place — entitlement;

— preparation of a preliminary contract in the process of clarifying the interests, needs and objective conditions of the client, including:

— Rent of buildings, premises, land plots;

— leasing of vehicles and equipment.

— as a result of repeated consultations, adjustments and agreements with the client, the formation of a contract;

— participation in the process of signing the contract by the parties (the lessee and the lessor).

— Consultation and participation in the process of judicial settlement of legal disputes in transactions (lease, leasing).

A professional lawyer who participates at all stages of the lease transaction will save from problems related to the execution of the package of documents, breach of the terms of the contract, recognition of the transaction as invalid, being a «reliable back» of the client in resolving legal issues.

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