Counsel for the accident

Counsel for the accident

The lawyers of the company «Emergency Legal Aid 911» have an impressive experience in resolving disputes on road accidents, including protection in criminal cases and representation of interests in court on civil proceedings.

Currently, the services of a legal expert on road accidents are quite in demand. This is due to the steadily growing number of disputes over accidents. At what, the number of contracts of OSAGO and CASCO on their frequency is not affected.

If you have suffered from an accident (they are either the culprit or the injured), we recommend that you contact the lawyers-professionals without delay. So you will save yourself from long and exhausting litigation in this case.

Legal assistance of a lawyer in an accident

The lawyers of the «Emergency Legal Aid 911» have a rich and versatile experience of dealing with accidents. This guarantees a responsible, and most importantly, a multifaceted approach to each individual situation.

Although situations in which you may need legal assistance in cases of accidents, a large number, the most frequent are still cases when the victim in an accident requires compensation.

For the successful settlement of a dispute, it is necessary to draw up documents first, which will confirm the existence of an insurance event. Citizens who are poorly oriented in the subtleties of the evidentiary process (and their overwhelming majority) somehow require qualified assistance.

Our lawyers will help you in handling the claim work and will defend your interests.

But legal assistance may be needed to you not only if you become a victim, but if you yourself are the culprit of the accident. The assistance of lawyers to the perpetrators of road accidents is necessary first of all for determining the severity of the violation and its qualification assessment. If the offense is incorrectly qualified, this will entail an unlawful punishment of the culprit.

How to behave to the victim in an accident?

In the event that you became injured in a traffic accident and your car was damaged, you should receive a cash compensation for MTPL. However, the condition that you will receive reimbursement to you is the provision of a certain legal package of documents.

The main documents that you will need to provide are: Your civil passport and technical passport of your (injured) car, the protocol of the violation and the ruling on it (copies), the details of the account, the culprit of the road accident, or the insurance company will have to transfer the money. There are other documents required for filing.

The prepared package of documents must be sent to the insurance company. Then, after 30 days from the receipt of documents, you should be paid compensation for damage.

Expertise of the vehicle

A well-known fact is that insurance companies try to reduce the amount of compensation in case of an appeal to citizens affected by the accident. For this they resort to the help of independent examinations. This practice is quite legitimate, moreover, organizations that conduct expertise, rely in their studies on the law and relevant regulations.

However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, we are talking about the conclusions of the examination not in favor of the victim. Only a lawyer with relevant experience is able to see such nuances and make a claim. Our specialists will be able to give you their own expert assessment of the damage, which allows you to defend your interests in court.

According to statistics, insurance companies resort to independent expertise, which makes decisions not in favor of the victim, in the overwhelming majority of cases. Specialists in road traffic accidents «Emergency Legal Aid 911» will help challenge the findings of the examination, and this is a guarantee that the applicant will still be able to obtain full compensation for the damage caused to him and his car.

Our company provides a variety of legal services for road accidents in Kiev, considering each case in a complex and individually.

We will do the following:

— We will advise the clients-participants of the road accident, and also we will collect a complete package of required documents, which may be needed as evidence for the court;

— protecting the victim in an accident, we motivate the culprit, compensate the material and moral damage to the victim in the pre-trial order;

— assist in recovery from the culprit accident damage;

— We will protect the interests of the victim in an accident before the insurance company in cases where the insurance company delays the decision or payment terms, understates the amount of compensation, refuses the victim in compensation.

— we will represent and protect the interests of the principal in the judicial bodies.

— we will help in appealing the court decision regarding the involvement of our client, who was found guilty of the accident;

— We will carry out transport-tracological and auto-technical independent expertise, as well as damage assessment.

Lawyers provide highly qualified legal assistance to both the injured party and the perpetrators of the road accident.

Our experts advise drivers in the event of an accident to take into account such aspects:

— indication in the protocol of the road accident of the guilty and injured;

— recovery from an insurance company that improperly performs its duties;

— implementation of independent expertise;

— compensation for damage, both material and moral;

— judicial consideration of the case in the shortest possible time;

Indemnity of the culprit

The law provides that the following amounts are payable to the victim in an accident:

— to each victim for the harm caused to health;

— for damage to property of several victims;

— for the damage caused to the property of one victim;

In the event that the insured amount described in the above-mentioned law is not sufficient, the victim can significantly lose in the amount of compensation for damage, if the perpetrator has a so-called. extended car insurance policy.

In this case, the exit for the victim will be an independent expert examination. In this case, the perpetrator is obliged to compensate the entire amount of damage.

However, the right of the challenged demands remains for the guilty.

To protect your interests as the culprit of an accident, you will also need the help of lawyers.

Services of the lawyer on road accident

  • Legal advice on an accident from 500 UAH.
  • Departure to the scene of 6 000 UAH.
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the Police, as well as appealing against decisions and actions of the Police from 6,000 UAH.
  • Compilation of lawsuits and applications from 2 000 UAH.
  • Services for compensation of material and moral damage depending on the scope of work.