Consultation on housing disputes

Consultation on housing disputes

In whatever city and even state you did not live, the issues of housing legislation remain relevant. And Ukrainians are not exception.

Questions on housing legislation can arise from them when it comes to condominiums, housing offices, housing privatization, propiska and eviction.

However, the peculiarity of our domestic housing legislation is frequent change of standards and regular amendments to it, therefore, the appeal of citizens to lawyers about issues with real estate is quite a common practice.

It is because of frequent changes in regulations that the interests of citizens in judicial and other instances should be represented by a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in resolving housing disputes. At what, there are a lot of reasons for applying to a lawyer.


What legal services can you need?

— study of the arising housing issue from a legal point of view;

— finding out the legal position of the principal;

— searching for evidence and collecting the required package of documents;

— formation of a statement of claim;

— Protection and representation of interests of the principal in judicial and state bodies;

— Appeal of court decisions;

— other services that may be needed in the course of resolving a housing dispute.


Unfortunately, cases when to enter into the property rights, to prove the property right to the real estate or to solve other important questions is possible only with the help of lawyers, are not rare.

The company «Emergency Legal Aid 911» does not recommend counting on such serious issues for yourself.

We offer you a full range of services for resolving housing disputes of any complexity in Moscow. You can arrange a consultation by calling: + 38-063-911-06-40

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