911 — emergency assistance in Kiev

Emergency assistance to Kyivans and guests of the capital and the Kyiv region.

We will help you to solve the problem in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, if it is connected with the difficulties that you have in the sphere of applying the law, relations between people, interaction with the police and other state bodies.

  • You got into an accident by car.
  • You have an accident with you as a pedestrian.
  • You got sick, but you were not given the necessary medical care.
  • You were attacked by criminals and stole your property.
  • You are crippled and you can not move.
  • You were deceived in a hotel, restaurant, shop or other place.
  • You were lost in the city or lost your relative.
  • You can not get into your apartment.
  • Someone illegally entered your apartment.
  • You are illegally evicted from the home.
  • You were deceived when buying a car or real estate.
  • You are trying to lure out money or you are being blackmailed.
  • You urgently need to reach your destination.
  • You need to evacuate the car.
  • You are not allowed into the country at the airport Borispol or Zhulyany.
  • You were detained by police officers.
  • You have an illegal search at home or in your car.

Our employees who are private lawyers, lawyers, psychologists, doctors, forensics experts and detectives will help you and solve your problem professionally, confidentially and as quickly as possible, with immediate observance of your rights and legitimate interests.

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